Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Introduce "Totoro"

In this week, we introduce a movie which is called "Tororo" . "Tororo" is a well-known movie, and it is my favority cartoon. I put the PowerPoint's file in the website.

Now I introduce the role of this movie:

◎ Mei (Little Sister)
Mei always want to tag along and the child is quite a handful. She's full of energy and she has great concern for her mother.

She is the epitome of childlike childhood. And the first one to meet the Totoros.
◎ Satsuki (Older Sister)
Satsuki is the strong and caring older sister . She takes care of Mei while their mother is in the hospital. She believe that her little sister's story about the Totoros.

◎ Mr. Kusakabe (Father)
Mr. Kusakabe is Satsuki and Mei's Father. He loves his daughters very much and often takes part in the girls games and encourage their imaginations. He is a university professor.

◎ Mrs. Kusakabe (Mother)
Mrs. Kusakabe is Satsuki and Mei's mother. She is sick with tuberculosis and the reason why the family moved to the rural country side.

◎ O Totoro (The Big One)
O Totoro is the biggest of the three Totoros. He is jovial and speaks with a very low voice. Mei meets him in the woods. Satsuki meets him while waiting for her father in the rain.

◎ Chu Totoro (The Middle-Sized, Blue One)
Chu Totoro is the medium-size. When Mei first see him, he's carrying a bag of nuts with a hole in the bottom.

◎ Chibi Totoro (The Small, White One)
Chibi Totoro is the smallest of the three Totoros. His fur is white and sometimes see-through.

Chibi Tororo is the first Totoro that Mei sees in the yard. Satsuki doesn't meet the Chu Totoro and Chibi Totoro until the moonlight dance in the garden.

◎ Cat-Bus (Totoro Transportation)
Cat-Bus is the transportation for O Totoro. Cat-Bus got glowing eyes for headlights, mouses for taillights. According to the passenger that furry seats could change size.


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